We have been doing communication since 1984
with the brands COMPLANA,
Master Studio and Lettera22.
Agreed, experience is not everything.
You need competence, imagination
ability to renew oneself.
Knowing what is good and what is not,
keeping your feet on the ground
- as in, keep your feet on the ground -
sense what customers really need,
design in a way that is
innovative, concrete, out of the box.

Is one worth one?

Special people are needed, because
doing communication for companies
- that is, for you - is complicated.
A challenging game.
Refined. Exclusive. Unique.
Like your Brand.

cavallo Marini light

The people on our team: COMPLANA’s energy source, the powerful motor of communication that works.

People who dream, plan, create, with professional skills, a sense of moderation, a willingness to always improve. People who put creativity, ethics, culture at your disposal. Artifical Intelligence- at least for now…- hasn’t yet been able to substitute it. Thank goodness.

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